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English Language in Use

ULEN10041/ULEN10042 - English Language in Use

  • Credits: 10 credits
  • Level: 1
  • Pre-requisite: IELTS 6 or equivalent
  • Co-requisite: Cannot be taken together with ULEN20051
  • Taught during: semester one (ULEN10041); semester two (ULEN10042)
  • Timetables: Timetable for the course


The course is designed for Manchester's visiting exchange students who are non-native speakers of English, but whose level of English language proficiency falls below that required to gain entry on most other credit-rated English language courses (minimum level of entry = IELTS 6.5) run by the University Language Centre.

This course unit has two broad aims:

  • to introduce and practise the language and the skills needed for successful engagement with the social and academic life of Manchester
  • to cover a range of essential grammar and vocabulary at the lower advanced level

The topics covered on the course relate directly to the linguistic needs of visiting students who are at the lower advanced level. They are as follows:

  • key areas of English grammar and vocabulary
  • language for academic discussions and presentations
  • written academic English (style, functions, essays, reports and letters)
  • practice in listening to academic English and taking notes

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, students will:

  • have a broader and more solid understanding of key aspects of English grammar
  • have an enhanced knowledge of English vocabulary
  • be able to demonstrate knowledge of written and spoken academic English in terms of some of its key functions
  • be more familiar with local accents and colloquial expressions.

Transferable skills

At the end of the course students will:

  • be able to engage more successfully in social interactions with British students
  • have learnt the language and the skills needed to contribute to and to participate in academic seminars
  • be better prepared to write the undergraduate essay
  • be better able to listen and take notes in academic lectures

Teaching and learning methods

Class (three hours per week); within the class a combination of teacher-led activities and student-centred/group learning activities will be employed.


  • Coursework essay (10%)
  • Presentation (10%)
  • Four skills-based tasks (Listening 20%, Use of English 20%, Reading 20%, Writing 20%)


Jane Bottomley.

Taught by

Jenny White.

Maximum entry


Set texts

Objective Advanced, ISBN: 978-1107657557.

Recommended texts

To be announced.


Any LEAP English course at IELTS level 6.5.