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Semester 2 Term 3: 24 April - 16 June 2017

Please note:

  • if you have not attended a class before, you must first take the online diagnostic test
  • once you have taken the test, please express interest for each class using the links provided (click 'Done' to submit your registration form).
  • after you have expressed interest, you will receive a confirmation email telling you which room the class is in.
  • grammar course outlines will appear below in due course, but you can find the course description and timetables below.

Online diagnostic test

Course description

This course aims to examine areas of English grammar which are particularly useful for academic writing but which are not easily found in standard grammar textbooks. You are expected to participate actively in class by completing grammatical exercises and discussing answers with the class. Topics to be covered include: error analysis, complex noun phrases, using verb forms effectively, modal auxiliaries, sentence patterns, information focus, concision, and article use. Although the same topics are covered again in the second semester, different materials and exercises are used.

Insessional Course Outline: Grammar 2016/17

Class timetables

If you miss week 1, or any other weeks of this course, you do not need to worry. A new topic/language point will be discussed each week.