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University Language Centre

Dates and fees

Please find below details of the dates and fees for all our pre-sessional courses, please note that the dates are subject to change and confirmed dates will be available in October 2016:

Course CodeCourse datesTerm LengthTotal CostApplication deadline
PS20/17* Tuesday 18th April - Friday 8th September 20 weeks £6600 Friday 24th February 2017
PS10a/17 Tuesday 18th April - Friday 23rd June 10 weeks £3300 Friday 24th February 2017
PS10b/17 Monday 3rd July - Friday 8th September 10 weeks £3300 Friday 12th May 2017
PS5/17 Monday 7th August - Friday 8th September 5 weeks £1650 Friday 16th June 2017
PS3/17 Monday 21st August - Friday 8th September 3 weeks £990 Friday 30th June 2017

* PS20/16* There are no classes Monday 26 June to Friday 30 June 2017.

For longer periods of study, the English for University Study pathway is available year-round.

Public holidays

Please note: There will be no lessons on the following public holidays: Monday 17th April, Monday 1st and Monday 29th May, Monday 28th August 2017.