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University Language Centre

Special courses

The University Language Centre welcomes requests for special courses from individuals, companies, institutions and government agencies. Following a detailed needs analysis, programmes are specially designed to meet the requirements of course participants.

Past examples of our specialist programmes include:

  • Tailor-made refresher courses for university teachers of English
  • English for the Construction Industry (EU funded materials writing project for Construction Managers from Poland and Portugal)
  • English for Academic Practice (for Lecturers from China)
  • Technical Texts and Presentations (for Mechanical Engineering Apprentices from France)
  • English for Finance (for Accountants from Libya)
  • Pre-Medical Foundation Year

In addition to specially designed courses, ULC can provide one-to-one or small group tuition (minimum 5 students) in a variety of areas including:

  • English for Business
  • IELTS Preparation
  • Academic Writing Skills
  • Pronunciation

English Language Study with Work Experience Programme

Japanese Work Placement Opportunities

The English Language Study with Work Placement Programme started in 2001 with one Japanese university but now caters to a number of other Japanese universities. The programme involves the study of English for a set period at the University Language Centre, followed by an unpaid work placement in a public or private sector organisation for a period of 4-6 weeks. The students have a Tier 4 student visa which allows them to work in the UK for a limited amount of time as a part of the English Study programme.

Responsibilities of the Hosting Organisation

The main responsibilities of the host organisation will be to give the Japanese student work experience opportunity, supervision by giving her/him clear job instructions and adequate training, support, ensuring the student will have a plenty of opportunities to practice English language with colleagues/the public. The host organisation will receive payment for providing each placement (£125/week). The University Language Centre staff will also closely contact the organisation to support the organisation and the student throughout the programme.