ULFR30051/ULFR30052 - Advanced French Conversation

  • Credits: None.  Please note there is a flat fee for this course of £150 per semester.
  • Level: 3
  • Pre-requisite: At least a good  B2 level of French, see Common European Framework). This course is not open to native or near-native speakers.
  • Taught during: Semesters one and two.  Students may study for just one semester.
  • TimetableTimetable for the course


This course is designed for advanced learners of French who would like to brush up, maintain or consolidate their speaking skills. Over 10 weeks and with the guidance of a native tutor you will be practising conversational French over a specific topic every week. You will be provided with some reading or listening materials in advance in preparation to oral discussions, debates, role plays, etc. every week. Through this weekly oral practice you will enhance your vocabulary and grammatical structures whilst learning to express yourself with more spontaneity and confidence in a friendly environment.

Students will be expected to use the range of resources available to them in the Language Centre and to communicate with native speakers wherever possible, in order to develop further linguistic and cultural competence.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, students will have developed a knowledge of :

  • Comprehend more easily authentic aural and written materials in the target language
  • Speak with increased fluency and spontaneity around a variety of topics.
  • Participate more successfully in formal and informal conversations involving problem solving and decision making.
  • Interact with fellow students expressing views and opinions, agreeing and disagreeing on various topics, providing arguments for or against, 

Transferable skills

Cultural appreciation, language awareness, discussion skills.

Teaching and learning method

One hour class per week. Course contents will be organised around the participants’ interests and input each semester.


Ongoing formative assessment in the shape of group discussions and presentations to evaluate knowledge and skills

Language of assessment


Nature and timing of feedback

Feedback will include global and individual feedback delivered orally in class, as well as written feedback on voluntary written homework.


Gaëlle Flower

Taught by

see timetables

Maximum entry

16 per group

Set texts

There is no set text for this course. Material will be provided weekly by the tutor as a dossier and students will be encouraged to recommend and share their own resources

Recommended texts



Continuous cycle. ULFR20030 Further French or ULFR30030 Advanced French