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Modern Hebrew


  • Please note this timetable is subject to change up to and including the start of courses. Please check these pages regularly.
  • Most courses are 3 hours per week.  If the timetable shows a split, i.e. Monday 13:00-14:00 and Thursday 14:00 - 16:00, you must attend both sessions.  You cannot choose a different group's session unless authorised by the LEAP office in advance.
  • Classes can be taught in one three-hour block or split into 2 sessions.  Please consider what is more manageable for you when choosing your group.
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Modern Hebrew
Course code: MEST10210/20210/MEST30210

MEST 10210 Modern Hebrew Language 1. Provisional timetable 11-1pm Tues, 1-2pm Thurs.

MEST 20210 Modern Hebrew Language 2. Provisional timetable 2-3pm Tues, 2-4pm Thurs.

MEST 30210 Modern Hebrew Language 3. Provisional timetable 9-11am Weds, 5-6pm Thurs.