ULPL10020 - Elementary Polish

  • Level: 1
  • Pre-requisite: Familiarity with Russian or any other Slavic language
  • Co-requisite: Open to students with no previous knowledge of the language
  • Taught during: Both semesters (September until May)
  • Timetable: Timetable for the course


This course is designed for students who are already familiar with Russian or any other Slavic languages. It aims to teach a range of basic grammatical and lexical items and to develop elementary skills in reading, listening, speaking and writing skills in a dynamic and communicative way, through individual, pair and group work, and via studio-recorded and authentic texts. The course is also designed to meet the need of students who have completed a Beginners' course in Polish but who do not feel confident enough to proceed directly to Intermediate Level.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, students should be able to:

  1. Understand short, simple messages and announcements;
  2. read short simple texts and find specific information;
  3. communicate in simple, routine situations;
  4. write simple notes, messages and short personal letters.

By the end of the course, students should be able to perform at Level A2/A2+ of the Common European Framework.

Transferable skills

Pair and team work, focused listening, informal presentations, language awareness, cultural appreciation.

Teaching and learning methods

Seminars, three hours per week.


Four pieces of assessed work as follows:

  • Semester one: Written (Reading, Grammar, Writing) 30%. Assessment will normally take place during week 12.
  • Semester two: Oral 20%; Listening 20%; Written (Reading, Grammar, Writing) 30%. Listening assessment will take place in the week before the Easter break (week 7 or 8); oral and written assessments will normally be scheduled during weeks 11 and 12.

Nature and timing of feedback

Feedback will include a combination of: informal ongoing oral and written feedback resulting from homework and class based learning activities; formal written feedback will be given following every assessment.


Justyna Drobnik-Rogers

Taught by

Justyna Drobnik-Rogers

Maximum entry

20 per group

Set texts

Iwona Stempek, Anna Stelmach, Sylwia Dawidek, Aneta Szymkiewicz, Krok po kroku. Polski. Seria podręczników do nauki języka polskiegl dla obcokrajowców. Poziom A1/ A2, Kraków 2013, ISBN: 978-83-930731-0-8
Recommended texts: Students are encouraged to use the Language Centre for material for beginners in Polish.


ULP20110, Pre-intermediate Polish


Successful completion of this course unit will enhance your curriculum vitae and your employability by showing that you have a capacity to learn other languages and the desire engage with other cultures.