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Advanced Business English for International Students

Course: Advanced Business English for International Students

  • Course code: ULEN20071/ULEN20072
  • Credits: 10
  • Level: 2
  • Pre-requisite: IELTS 7.0 or equivalent, or a level 1 course unit
  • Co-requisite: None
  • Taught during: either semester 1 (ULEN20071) or semester 2 (ULEN20072)
  • TimetablesTimetable for the course


This course aims to provide non-native speakers of English at advanced level to develop and practise the language skills necessary to use English in business contexts. Classes provide practical work in listening, reading comprehension, speaking and writing skills, using material of an appropriate business nature and content. Training will be provided in summary skills, report-writing, taking part in meetings, negotiations, conducting research projects and giving presentations.

Learning outcomes

    • Knowledge and understanding: 1) understand  frequently-used business context vocabulary and expressions; 2) understand English grammar at an advanced level; 3) understand intercultural communication and behaviours;
    • Intellectual skills: 1) understand and respond to complex business related issues in English; 2) develop their analytical and evaluation skills in a business context in English; 3) develop their  problem-solving skills in a business context in English; 4) develop their  research skills in a business context in English;
    • Practical skills1) read and listen to English texts containing high frequency business lexis and advanced structures; 2) communicate in written tasks requiring a direct exchange of information on specific and routine business matters; 3) develop spoken communication skills in English in a business context; 4) give effective presentations individually and in groups in English; 5) take part in negotiations in English; 6) take part in simulated meetings, negotiations,  discussions and job interviews in English; 7) interact in specific intercultural contexts 

Transferable skills

Business English skills required for work in a commercial or industrial environment.

Teaching and learning methods

One 3 hour class per week


Three pieces of assessed work as follows:

  • Group Presentation (25%) – individual mark
  • Researching and writing a report (45%) –1500 -2000 words
  • Written class test (written communication tasks) (30%) – 70 minutes

Written class test will normally be scheduled during week 11.  Oral Assessments will normally be scheduled during week 12.   Written class test will normally be scheduled during week 11.  Written report assessment to be submitted in Week 12. Exceptions to word processed assignments: none

Nature and timing of feedback

Feedback will include a combination of: informal ongoing individual and global oral and written feedback resulting from homework and class based learning activities; formal written feedback will be given following every assessment


Jane Bottomley


Maria Kluczek

Maximum entry


Set texts

Market Leader Advanced Business English Coursebook (includes DVD-Rom) 3rd Edition 2011, Pearson ISBN 978-1408237038

Recommended texts



Any level 3 course