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Language and Culture Through Film

ULEN10032 - Language and Culture Through Film

  • Credits: 10 credits
  • Level: 2
  • Pre-requisite: IELTS 6 or equivalent.
  • Co-requisite: None.
  • Taught during: semester 2
  • Timetables: Timetable for the course


Students on this course will analyse a number of British films with a view to exploring their representation of language and culture in Britain.

Through the medium of film, students will develop their English language awareness and their English language skills, as well as enhancing their understanding of British culture and society. There will be some focus on accent and dialect in the films, with particular reference to ‘Northern English’.

Students will also enhance their knowledge of key figures and themes in British cinema. During a 2-hour class, there will be some exploration of the social, historical or political context of the films, and of the issues tackled in them, such as class, or Britain as a multicultural society.

This will be followed by exploration of some technical elements of the film, scene analysis, and language work. The subsequent 1-hour seminar will allow for more detailed discussion of various aspects of the film. It is essential that students who enrol on this course are able to attend both the class and the seminar.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the course, students should be able to:

  • demonstrate a good understanding of the language used in the films, including non-standard varieties
  • demonstrate a good understanding of the aspects of British culture and society represented in the films
  • demonstrate some knowledge of key figures and themes in British cinema
  • analyse language in dialogue
  • critically analyse and evaluate films in terms of how they represent certain issues, events, social groups etc
  • critically evaluate film reviews and other literature
  • demonstrate effective communication skills in an academic context.

Transferable skills

On successful completion of the course, students will have developed their ability to:

  • give effective academic presentations
  • write essays which conform to standard academic conventions
  • work independently and collaboratively towards specific goals
  • identify, select, analyse and evaluate relevant resources

Teaching and learning methods

  • one 2 hour class per week
  • one 1 hour seminar per week
  • one individual tutorial per semester


  • one 800-word review (35%) to be submitted in week 11
  • one group presentation (25%) to take place in week 10
  • one 1 hour exam (40%) to take place in week 12

Nature and timing of feedback

  • oral feedback given during and after classroom discussions
  • formative feedback given on two non-assessed written task (task fulfilment; textual organisation; accuracy; range of expression)
  • global feedback given on assessed tasks
  • feedback given on individual progress in tutorials


Sheena Kalayil

Taught by

See timetables

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Set texts

Materials to be provided by tutor.

The following films will be amongst those viewed and discussed:

  • Billy Elliot
  • Kes
  • East is East
  • Dirty Pretty Things
  • The Queen
  • This is England
  • Trainspotting

Recommended texts



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