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Tandem - learn with a partner

Tandem learning is part of the Language Experience for All Programme (LEAP) and is designed for current students at the University studying English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Please note: Tandem is only open to current students of The University of Manchester.

How it works

  • Native English speakers are paired with a French/German/Italian/Portuguese/Spanish native speaker. (NB The level of language required in the pre-requisites below.)
  • Native speakers of French/German/Italian/Portuguese/Spanish are paired with native English speaker.
  • No other type of pairing is allowed - so a native Italian speaker cannot be paired with a native Spanish. 
  • You meet with him/her for two hours per week to complete a number of specially designed learning tasks.
  • You meet up where and when you like.
  • Some tasks may be negotiated with your partner/course tutors; some are compulsory.
  • There are two/three tutor-led sessions.
  • You participate in a virtual seminar on language and culture.

How to sign up

Places on the Tandem course are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. When you register your enrolment is placed in a queue.

Registration forms

Please print it out, complete, scan and attach in an email. If you do not have access to a scanner you may take a good quality picture of it with your smartphone and send that instead – just make sure the form is readable

The enrolment process

Make sure you follow the enrolment process as follows:

  • You must complete an enrolment form to register for the course.
  • You must attend the preliminary meeting for Tandem Learning (Tandem induction, see below). Check back here to find out when and where in the Samuel Alexander building the next meeting will be held.

The compulsory sessions are as follows:

  • 2pm - 3.30pm Tandem English/French/German/Italian/Portuguese/ Spanish
  • 3.30pm Plenary meeting (1 hour approx)

If you are late for fail to turn up for these sessions, you risk losing your place in the queue and might not get a partner.

Attendance and participation

In registering for this course, you agree to work responsibly and constructively with your Tandem partner so that you are both able to complete the course and meet your course requirements.

Please do not register for this course unless you are prepared to fully participate and work in the Tandem partnership, as failure to do so is likely to jeopardise the success of the course for either or both partners.

If you feel that you are not ready for this level of commitment, but would still like to find a native speaker partner for conversation exchange, you should enquire about the Face to Face scheme by contacting the Language Centre reception staff.

Contact details

Maria Kluczek - Tandem Convenor

Andrés Lozoya - LEAP Administrator