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Frequently asked questions

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What is a Prüfungszentrum?

A Goethe-Institut Prüfungszentrum (GIPZ) operates under licence from the Goethe-Institut. It offers the officially recognised Goethe-Institut examinations.

Where are you based?

The GIPZ is located on the west wing, ground floor (Rooms WG11/WG4) of the Samuel Alexander Building, no. 67 on the campus map at the University of Manchester. Please make your way through the South Wing entrance (opposite the Ellen Wilkinson building), enter the corridor on the left-hand side, go straight down to the end and turn left onto the stairwell, Room WG11 is on your left. Alternatively, turn right and go to Room WG4.

What level of examination should I take?

If you are unsure as to the level of examination you need to take, please contact us to arrange a German language assessment. There is a fee of £15 for the 30-40 minute assessment. 

How long does it take to get my exam certificate?

We usually aim to have exam results ready within 2-3 weeks after the examination date, and certificates are printed after all the exams have taken place. If you need your certificate earlier, please let us know and we will endeavour to prioritise the printing of your certificate. 

Do you run German courses as well?

Our German courses are run out of the University of Manchester Language Centre. For more information please see our German courses page. Although we don't offer intensive exam preparation courses, our standard German language courses do prepare students for the relevant Goethe exam, which is offered as part of the course assessment at levels A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1. The C2 examination is also offered, but not as part of a course. 

How are the courses organised?

Standard courses are organised by levels: Basic User: Beginners' and Pre-intermediate (A1 & A2), Independent User: Intermediate, Post-intermediate and Further (B1, B2.1 & B2.2) and Proficient User: Advanced and Proficient (C1 & C2).

The majority of courses run for 23 weeks, in accordance with the University academic year, and classes are three hours a week. An exception to this is the Introductory German course which is run only in both semester 1 and 2, but for one semester only.  

Please see the full list of LEAP German courses.

How can I enrol on a German course?

Find out more information on our Application Information page.

I would like to sit an exam without taking a course. Is that possible?

Yes, this will make you an "external candidate". For dates and other information on our next round of examinations please refer to our examinations page.