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University Language Centre

Describing graphic data

This section provides an overview of language and structures that are typically used when expressing graphical data in writing. The activities also provide opportunities for you to practice this language.

Identifying the language for comparing and contrasting information

This learning object will focus on the language for comparing and contrasting information. You will be presented with a variety of expressions for comparing and contrasting.

Using the language for comparing and contrasting information 

Here you will practise using the language for comparing and contrasting information. This will allow you to develop your accuracy.

Describing a comparative graph

You will describe a graph and give reasons for the changes shown. This will involve using language to describe changes in graphs, to compare information, and to express cause and effect.

Identifying the language for describing graphic data

This focuses on the language for describing data in graphs. You will identify the meaning of key expressions used to describe changes in graphs.

Analysing and using language for describing data

In this learning object, you will analyse key nouns, verbs and prepositions used to show the rates of changes. Finally, you will practise by describing a graph.

Describing tables charts and graphs

You will focus on and practise using the vocabulary that is needed to describe information provided in graphic form.