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Academic Writing

Insessional classes run from October to March each year

Please note:

  • If you have not attended a class before, you must first take the online diagnostic test.
  • Once you have taken the test, please choose your faculty below and express interest using the links provided (click 'Done' to submit your registration form).
  • After you have expressed interest, you will receive a confirmation email telling you which room the class will be in.
  • Academic Writing course outlines for classes will be published in due course, but you can find the course description and timetables below.

Course description

This course aims to help the student to write clear, grammatically accurate and well-organised academic English.  A major focus of the course will be on the language used to express the main communicative functions used at all levels of academic discourse (eg, defining, comparing, describing cause and effect). In addition, some sessions will cover certain common features of academic texts (style, conventions and phraseological patterns). Examples of different types of texts and the language used in them will be examined and discussed, and students will have a chance to practise a series of writing tasks, both individually and, where possible, co-operatively in groups. Classes are broadly discipline specific, but students may attend classes for a different faculty if they feel this would be more suitable/convenient.

Faculty of Science and Engineering

The 2018/19 Timetable will be posted here in September.

Faculty of Humanities

The 2018/19 timetable will be posted here in September.

Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health

The 2018/19 timetable will be posted here in September.