How to apply

  • Attach the following documents with your application form:
      • Evidence of your current English language level (copy of certificate) If you are already studying English at another institution, please also include your most recent course report
      • Sponsorship letter/financial guarantee (if applicable)

Please note that we cannot assess your application until we receive all these documents.

What happens next?

  1. Your application will be reviewed by a member of the admissions team who will contact you to confirm the length of study you wish to apply for. 
  2. If your application is successful, you will be asked to pay a deposit or show evidence of financial sponsorship
  3. Accept your offer online (instructions will be emailed)
  4. Apply for accommodation, if required

How to pay course fees

If you are paying your own fees:

We will send you instructions on how to pay online. Please do not pay your fees before your application has been assessed. The balance of the course fees must be paid in full at least 20 working days before the start of the course.

If your fees are being paid by a sponsor:

You will need to provide evidence of sponsorship in order to secure a place on the course. A sponsor letter should be attached to your application. Before you commence your studies you will also need to provide a financial guarantee.

Please note that the sponsorship letter needs to contain the following information:

  • Must be addressed to The University of Manchester
  • Must be produced on official company letter headed paper from the sponsoring organisation/embassy and must state clearly:
    • Contact telephone numbers / fax / email
    • The full name of the student to be sponsored
    • The title of the student's programme of study
    • The student's year of study or years of study that the sponsorship will apply to
    • A statement that the student's tuition fees (£ amount) or proportion of their fees (£ amount) will be paid upon receipt of an invoice from the University
    • If you have government funding you should also provide a letter from the appropriate London Embassy