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University Language Centre

Majed Alsaiaari

Why did you choose to study English for Academic Purposes at the University Language Centre?             

I studied English for Academic Purposes at the University Language Centre in the hope to improve my language skills, especially writing and reading. I also hope to get an offer to complete my PHD in Chemistry.

What do you most enjoy about your course?

There are many enjoyable things about the course:

  • Curriculum consistency between the four skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) and the links between subjects (reading and writing, listening and speaking)
  • All the teachers and administrative staff are cooperative with all students
  • Classes are scheduled between the morning and afternoon with the different areas (self-study, reading, grammar, listening and writing) on different days
  • Blackboard is very useful and provides support for all students

What are your top three tips for someone intending to study English for Academic Purposes at the University Language Centre?

  • Take the course seriously and diligently
  • Invest time for self-study because time passes quickly
  • Take feedback from teachers and be careful when reading instructions to try to learn from your mistakes

What have you enjoyed most about living in Manchester?

Manchester is an urban, multicultural city in the UK. The services available are excellent and there are lots of entertainment venues and international restaurants.

In addition, The University of Manchester has a high ranking amongst the world’s universities.