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University Language Centre

Course description

This full-time course is a combination of both general English (core modules) and areas of language specific to the student's personal, professional or academic needs (target modules).

Students will be taught for minimum 20 hours per week in classes of no more than 16 students. This pathway is designed for students wishing to learn English for personal or professional study; we also have an alternative English for University Study pathway for students wishing to progress to undergraduate or postgraduate study.

Students on the two pathways will be taught together in their core modules and in some of the target module classes.

Core modules

You will study general English (core modules) for around 14 hours per week. 

Students are allocated to their core language classes according to their performance in the placement test at the start of the course. This insures that all students will be taught at an appropriate level and that your classmates will be of similar proficiency.

You will follow a course book (cost included in course fees) and your lessons will focus on a range of different skills, such as:

  • grammar
  • listening
  • speaking
  • reading
  • writing
  • study skills
  • project work
  • tutorials
  • presentation skills

Target modules

Our target modules allow you to cover specific areas of interest in order to achieve your goals or to address specific language needs. Target modules will be taught for 6 hours per week. 

Target modules will be either skills-based, topic-based or language based. You will normally study one target module per term and you will always receive your first or second choice of module for your language level.

Learners at A2 level may be required to study the Integrated Skills target module.

Example target modules

IELTS Test Preparation

Approximate CEFR Level: B2-C1

Suitable for: Those who will take IELTS exams during their period of study ONLY.
Outcomes: Improve IELTS test scores.

Description: This unit will familiarise you with the four different papers that form the IELTS test and provide you with plenty of practice.

Advanced Skills and British Culture

Approximate CEFR Level: C1-C2

Suitable for: Advanced learners who wish to improve all skills.
Outcomes: Ability to analyse texts and express ideas clearly.

Description: This unit will focus on reading, writing and speaking with elements of writing. You will analyse and evaluate texts, focusing on topics and author attitude.

Topics for IELTS

Approximate CEFR Level: B1-B2

Suitable for: Those wishing to improve their overall language before taking the IELTS Preparation target module.
Outcomes: Expand vocabulary and express ideas on issues and topics which feature regularly in IELTS tests.

Description: The modules will introduce you to topics and themes which commonly occur in the IELTS test. You will use all four language skills and improve overall language proficiency.

English for Business and Management

Approximate CEFR Level: B2-C1

Suitable for: Those studying for professional development or wishing to undertake academic study in subjects related to business and management.
Outcomes: Develop communication skills essential for success in work or study.

Description: This unit will introduce a wide range of managerial topics within the sphere of international business. These may include marketing techniques, brand management, team building and conducting meetings.

Integrated Skills and British Culture

Approximate CEFR Level: A2-C1

Suitable for: Those wishing to improve their proficiency in the four language skills.
Outcomes: Develop effective use of skills and language in real-world situations.

Description: This module will develop your skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. You will also focus on different topics to expand your vocabulary. You will practise using the skills in an integrated and realistic fashion.

English in the Workplace

Approximate CEFR Level: A2-C1

Suitable for: Those studying English for use in a professional context.
Outcomes: Improved skills required in a predominantly English-speaking workplace.

Description: This module focuses on English needed in "real world" situations. Covers presentation, interview, networking and customer service skills.