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University Language Centre

Student support

Students studying English language courses with ULC have access to a dedicated Student Welfare Officer. During the first week of all courses, students are given advice on and/or assistance with (where appropriate): 

  • life in Manchester
  • opening bank accounts
  • police registration
  • registration with a GP
  • insurance of personal possessions and general security 

Information about facilities and services on campus and elsewhere in Manchester is also provided. Further support with any non-academic matters is available throughout courses. Problems dealt with commonly include: 

  • accommodation arrangements
  • visa extensions
  • financial matters
  • health and well-being
  • advice on and support in arranging school/nursery places for students' children
  • lost luggage cases/claims 

Students also have access to welfare services in the Students' Union and through the Student Services Centre (Student Immigration Team), and to student health and counselling services.

Social programme

A full and varied social programme is provided to students through the International Society which include weekend day trips, overnight trips, evening and social events and much more! Being part of the Interntional Society is a great way for ULC students to meet other students from all around the world, experience different cultures, practise their English and see as much as possible of Manchester and the UK during their stay.

In addition to the many advantages offered by membership of the International Society, students may go on two of the full-day trips (Saturday/Sunday) per four week period of study as well as attending the activities held at the International Society free of charge. All transportation is provided free of charge, as are a number of events. However, students may have to meet the entrance costs for some day trips or activities (e.g. £16 - £30). Weekend overnight trips will incur an additional fee. 

Further information

Please contact the Welfare Team if you have any queries: