English Summer Programme

Our English Summer Programme gives you the ideal opportunity to study at a multi-cultural university campus, centrally located in the exciting city of Manchester. The University of Manchester is a global institution with students from over 160 countries. The course is designed to improve your English language proficiency, learn about British culture and make new friends from around the world. 

The University Language Centre is the highest ranked University Language Centre in the UK*, according to the British Council's Accreditation Scheme, with more strengths than any other University. 

*EL Gazette UK Language Centre Rankings 2019 https://www.elgazette.com/top-language-centres/

When does the course run?

The course runs from July to September.

How many hours per week?

You will study for 21 hours per week: Monday to Friday. Classes will usually be scheduled between 10.00am - 4.00pm. You will be expected to do some homework and self-study. A timetable will be provided to you on your first day. For further details see the course description

What is the maximum class size?

The maximum class size is 16.

What is the minimum enrolment age?

The minimum enrolment age is 18.

How do I apply?

Please see our how to apply page.

Further information

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