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Academic speaking

Semester 2 in-sessional speaking classes start in Week 1 (week beginning 28th January)

This course will help you to develop your confidence and effectiveness in using spoken English in a range of academic situations. 

Are these classes free of charge?

- Yes, they are free of charge to University of Manchester students and staff.

How are the classes structured?

- In-sessional speaking consists of two ‘blocks’ of three weekly 1.5 hour workshops, with each block provisionally starting in Weeks 1, 4 & 7.

I took a speaking class in Semester 1, which class can I register for?

- You can take the ‘Further Speaking’ class. Do not take the ‘Initial Speaking’ class as this will use the same materials that you used in Semester 1.

I didn’t take a Speaking class in Semester 1 OR I’m new to the University, which class can I register for?

 - You can take the ‘Initial Speaking’ class, and then may be able to register for the ‘Further Speaking’ class if you wish to.

How do I register for the classes?

Choose the week you want to start and then express interest using the links provided (click Done to submit your registration form). After you have expressed interest, you will receive a confirmation email telling you which room to go to.

Course description

For full details, please see the course outline

General data protection regulations

The University needs to collect, maintain and use personal data in order to process your registration for classes. It is important that you read our Students, Applicants and Offer Holders Privacy Notice, to understand how we process your personal information. 

Academic speaking class timetables

Initial speaking

If you are new to the University, or did NOT take a speaking class in Sem 1:

(SPK2) Tuesday 4.30pm - 6pm (12 Mar-26 Mar): express interest

(SPK6) Friday 2pm - 3.30pm (15 Mar-29 Mar): express interest

Further speaking

If you took a speaking class in Sem 1, or an initial speaking class in Sem 2:

(SPK4) Wednesday 4.30pm - 6pm (13 Mar-27 Mar): express interest