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Booking conditions

“Course” is used to refer to a student’s period of study.
“Working days” is used to refer to the university working week of Monday to Friday and excludes public holidays in the UK.

  • Offer letters and/or CASs for a course can only be issued on receipt of the full course fee or certified letter of sponsorship guaranteeing payment for a pre-sessional course for the period indicated on the application form.
  • Deadlines for applications apply. See the dates and fees section for details. Applications received after 5pm GMT on the deadline date will not be considered.
  • Sponsored students must provide a letter of Financial Guarantee at least 20 working days before the start of the course. Students who do not provide a letter of Financial Guarantee will not be permitted to start the course.
  • Fees for a course, or part of a course, can only be refunded, less an administration fee of £200 if cancellation in writing is received at least 20 working days before the start of a student’s course.
  • The course deposit will only be refunded, less an administration fee of £200, within 20 working days in exceptional circumstances e.g. an unsuccessful visa application, a medical condition or withdrawal of the main course offer, and upon receipt of documentary evidence. The administration fee is not refundable under any circumstances.
  • Requests to reduce or extend the period booked must be made in writing at least 20 working days before the start of a student’s course; if no notice is given, the full fee for the period originally booked is payable.
  • Fees will not be refunded for students arriving later or leaving earlier than the period booked.
  • Fees for a course can be transferred to the balance of a new Undergraduate or Postgraduate course within the University of Manchester where the course starts in the same year as the pre-sessional course, if cancellation is received in writing at least 20 working days before the course start date. Within 20 working days, the transfer will be less an administration fee of £200.
  • All bank charges incurred in the payment of fees by bank transfer must be paid by the transferees.
  • Summer residential accommodation will only be confirmed on receipt of the fees in full. See hall booking conditions.
  • Students must be 18 years old or over on commencement of their English language course.
  • The University reserves the right to cancel or change the course programme and/or accommodation arrangements without prior notice.
  • Students should arrange their own insurance to cover medical treatment and personal risks. Full details on Healthcare available in the UK and charges can be found on the University of Manchester website
  • ULC recommends that all students consider insuring loss/theft of personal property as The University of Manchester cannot accept responsibility for any personal belongings lost or stolen during the period of residency.
  • Student’s pre-sessional results will be sent directly to the academic school.
  • The ULC policy of attendance is 80% attendance for each course of study. Should the student fall below this attendance level, the Director EL Programmes will consider whether the student can continue to study. Students will only receive a Certificate of Attendance is they achieve 80% attendance.
  • ULC will pass on details of students who do not commence the course on their given start date or who leave their course early to the UK Visas and Immigration Department. In these cases, the student’s visa could be affected.
  • Acceptance of the booking conditions is indicated by submitting an application.