Course content - 4-week Pre-sessional (on campus)

If you have an unconditional offer for the University of Manchester you can study on our 4-week Pre-sessional course.

The course aims to:

  • raise your level of academic skills;
  • make you more confident in working in an academic environment;
  • help prepare you for studying at this University.

Each week you will work towards completing an academic task, such as a group presentation, seminar discussion or producing an academic poster.

Each week your studies will include:

  • 12 hours per week of tutor-led sessions in groups of up to 18 students;
  • approximately 10 hours per week of interactive tasks to be completed either in study groups of up to 5 students or individually online;
  • an individual 10-minute tutorial meeting with your tutor or a 30-minute group tutorial with your study group and tutor.


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


Tutor-led session

Academic task: An introduction to poster presentations

Academic reading: Navigating a journal article Academic writing: Rewording information from sources  Academic speaking: Delivering poster presentations Individual tutorials
12:00-12:30  B R E A K


Tutor-led session

Academic research skills: An Introduction to the University libraries 

Academic reading: Taking notes when reading

Academic writing: Incorporating sources into your writing

Academic speaking: Delivering poster presentations

Individual tutorials


 B R E A K 


Study groups



Academic task: Practising poster presentations

 Academic study skills: Group reflection on task performance  

1-2 hours

Individual study

Academic research skills: Evaluating sources

Academic task: Preparing poster presentation

Academic writing: Reference lists


Academic study skills: Weekly reflection & goal setting

*all times are local, Manchester time

Technical requirements

All materials will be electronic and stored on Blackboard (our VLE – virtual learning environment).

To access these you must have:

  • access to a laptop or a tablet - mobile phones are not suitable;
  • ability to connect to a wifi/data connection;
  • headphones.