Frequently asked questions

I'm doing the 10-week course. Can I study in Manchester?

Our 10 week Pre-sessional course will be delivered fully online this summer. Due to uncertainty around international travel and continued social distancing measures, we are not in a position to provide an on-campus experience for this programme. Our programme was very successful last year and was highly rated by students. We will be enhancing it further again this year so it will help you to prepare fully for your studies in Manchester. You can read the details of what you can expect from our online course, including an example timetable in our course description.

I am worried I will be late for the start of my degree programme

I’m studying my Pre-sessional course online from my home country. The Pre-sessional ends on the 11th September but my degree programme starts on the 13th September. I’m worried I will be late.

Our September welcome begins on the 13th September online, which will allow you the opportunity to attend welcome sessions from home, and there is a second week of welcome activities beginning 20th September. Teaching will start on 27th September. You will receive a communication informing you if your programme has a remote study option, and if so, asking you to indicate if you wish to study on-campus or remotely. If you are studying on a course which does not have a remote study option in September, you should contact your main course admissions team in the first instance to discuss your arrival options for September. If you are studying on a course which offers a remote study option in semester one, if you choose to study remotely, you will be able to start your studies from home. If you opt for an on-campus experience in semester one and your travel arrangements mean you cannot arrive at University until after teaching has started, you should contact your admissions team.

When can I get my CAS for my degree programme?

Your CAS for your degree programme will be issued by the admissions office for your degree programme. You can find their details on your offer letter. They will be able to advise you when you can expect to receive your main CAS.

When will I get my CAS for my Pre-sessional course?

We will be issuing CAS for the 6-week Pre-sessional course from the 14th June.

Can I meet my classmates/tutors if I come to Manchester?

As the course is being taught entirely online, we predict that the majority of students will choose to study from their home country, so there will be a smaller number of students who will be studying in Manchester. Tutors will also be working remotely from their home countries.

However, we are working hard to provide some social events on campus where you may be able to connect with fellow classmates and students studying on the Pre-sessional courses in Manchester.

How do I cancel my course?

Before cancelling your place, please ensure you have read our Booking Conditions which detail the deadlines to cancel your place. For the 10-week programme, you must cancel by 4th June. For the 6-week course, the deadline to cancel is 2nd July. If you cancel after these dates, your course fees are non-refundable.

I am want to study in Manchester. Can I have some face-to-face lessons?

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer face-to-face lessons on campus. You will however have the opportunity to use the on-campus study spaces such as the Albert Gilbert Learning Commons and the Main Library, and connect with fellow students at events held by the Students' Union and the International Society.

Can I start my Pre-sessional course late?

Our Pre-sessional courses are intensive and attendance on all of the course is mandatory. You should ensure that you are ready to start your study with us on our advertised start dates. If for any reason, you think you will be delayed, please contact us to discuss your options.

Can I come to the Language Centre offices to speak to staff?

Our support team will be mostly working online during the summer so the quickest way to get a response to a question is to email us or use the other support routes listed on Blackboard.

Can I swap study options once I have sent you my decision?

No, if you come to Manchester part way through the 6-week course, you will need to work within time zone you originally chose. This is because we have planned the timetable based on time zones around the world.  The earliest start you will have is 7am BST, daily.

Can I attend the Zoom sessions from the Library/Learning Commons?

Your tutor-led sessions and study groups will be interactive and you will need to be able to speak freely.  This may not be possible in public study spaces.

Are the tuition fees different if I study from my own country?

No – the tuition fees for the Pre-sessional course are the same for both options.

What is the difference between studying at home or studying in Manchester?

The academic course will be exactly the same whether you are studying online from your home country or online in Manchester.  If you choose to study online in Manchester, you will have the opportunity to use the University facilities, and there will be some opportunities for those of you in Manchester to meet some of your classmates and get to know one another.

When will I get my final results for my Pre-sessional course?

Your results will be sent to your main academic school, by the Language Centre, on 15th September. You will be sent your results by email soon after this.

How and when can I book accommodation?

More information in accommodation for Summer 2021 will be posted shortly. You can also check the accommodation page for further information.