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PS10 and PS6 Airport Collection Service booking form

This service is for new pre-sessional international and EU students arriving for the first time in Manchester and living in University accommodation.

For the PS10 (29 June) and PS6 (27 July) arrivals we will run an hourly service. The first departure will be at 6.30am and the last departure will be at 8.30pm.

If you are travelling with someone and/or living in private accommodation, we advise you to take a taxi from Manchester Airport to your accommodation. You can find more advice on making your own way from the airport on the University website:

If you have any questions about the service, or wish to cancel your booking, please email:

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Your personal details
This can be found on any correspondence from The University of Manchester.
Date of birth
Your flight arrival details

Please use the actual arrival time, as shown on your airline ticket or booking confirmation. If you need to check this, you can look on the Manchester Airport website.

Check the Manchester Airport website if your ticket doesn't show this.

Flight number is 2-3 letters and numbers followed by 1-4 numbers.

Your destination in Manchester