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University Language Centre

Course description - full-time

The essential information about the full-time version of this course, which takes place over four weeks.


90 hours (minimum) input to include workshops and sessions on:

  • Teaching skills, methodology, planning for teaching practice, materials evaluation, assessment.
  • Language awareness (grammar and phonology).
  • Language tuition in an unknown language with related study.
  • Planning interviews for learner profile.
  • Planning for materials assignment.
  • Teaching practice feedback.
  • Personal and professional development.
  • Moderation sessions (group and individual interviews).

4 hours of observations:

  • Guided observation of experienced ULC University of Manchester teachers.

6 hours of assessed teaching practice:

  • Teaching practice involving live learners studying at different levels (minimum two levels).

30 hours of preparation/ private study to include:

  • Preparation of written work and journals, private study and homework (with an additional 15 hours of unsupervised study).

The workshops will focus on teaching the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) and improving your knowledge and awareness of English grammar and phonology. In addition to the course elements described above, you are expected to engage in private study and homework tasks will be assigned. You will need to be prepared to commit your time fully to the course for the duration of the four weeks. This is a highly intensive course.

Entry requirements

Entry procedures

All applicants for this course will be given an interview, language awareness task and a writing task. The writing task must be completed without the use of dictionaries or other aids. The ULC reserves the right to refuse entry to the course if it deems that the applicant does not have an appropriate level of English language proficiency, based on the results of this assessment. If an applicant is allowed to register for the course following interview/assessment, he/she will be given a pre-course reading list and pre-course tasks to complete.


The course will take place on the main University campus.


Timetabled classes take place between 9am and 6pm Monday to Friday.

Private study

Participants may use the Open Learning facilities in Samuel Alexander Building, university libraries and computer clusters.

Class size

Between 6 and 12 participants per class (maximum 12).

Age of students

18 years old +.

Minimum period of study

4 weeks plus one day (usually Monday following the 4 week period) for moderation.


Assessment involves 5 key elements of the course: teaching practice (including 6 hours of assessed teaching practice), completion of teaching practice journal, completion of guided observation journal, completion of Learner Profile journal, Language Awareness test, completion of Unknown Language journal and the Materials assignment (latter assessed by Trinity College London). Final assessment includes marks awarded for all elements of the course. The Trinity CertTESOL is awarded to successful trainees (on a pass/refer/fail basis). Trinity does not award merit or distinction. However, the ULC can indicate merit or distinction for exceptional trainees and this will be indicated on the ULC’s Certificate of Attendance, which is given following confirmation of all marks (by the Trinity Moderator).

ULC Certificate of attendance

A Certificate of Attendance is given to all trainees at the end of their period of study provided they have attended 100% of their classes. This certificate will show course title and course dates.


During the academic year, university hall accommodation is not available. Course participants must find their own accommodation during courses which take place during the academic year.

Sports activities

Trainees may use the wide range of sports facilities available in the two university Sports Centres and the Manchester Aquatics Centre, and are charged at the normal student rates.