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University Language Centre

The team

We are a diverse and multi-lingual team from all over the world, coming together to provide the best teaching and support services for you. 

Explore our profiles and visit the staff directory to connect with individual members of the ULC team.

Management Team

Gavin Dodsworth - Director of the University Language Centre

Gavin has been Director of the University Language Centre since October 2016, and is responsible for the strategic leadership and management of both the Centre’s Foreign Language and Academic English activities.  Prior to joining the University of Manchester, Gavin had Language Centre management positions at the Universities of Bristol and King’s College London, and a number of tutor roles at the London School of Economics.

Tel: 0161 2752191

Francesca Smith - ULC Centre Manager

Francesca has been the Centre Manager of the University Language Centre since 2005.  On a day-to-day basis, she oversees the administration for the Centre, in liaison with the ULC Director.  Prior to her current role, she has worked in management roles at Edge Hill University and the University of Salford. She holds a BA in American Studies, and a Master’s degree in Management Practice.  Outside of work, her interests include going to music and comedy gigs, travel, and food: she is also a qualified Registered Nutritional Therapist.

Dr John Morley - Director of University-wide Language Programmes

John is Director of the University-wide Language Programmes (LEAP) which involves the organisation and delivery of the courses in 18 different languages – ranging from Arabic to Urdu – to students, members of staff and members of the public. He currently serves as Chair of the Association of University Language Centres in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Before coming to Manchester John taught English in universities and schools in Australia, Singapore, Indonesia and Spain. His interests include exploring ways to promote independent language learning and mapping the phraseology used in written academic English. One of his most successful projects was the creation of the Academic Phrasebank, which is now used by academics, researchers and students across the world. In addition to ongoing research into academic phraseology and language development, John is currently involved in developing and evaluating the usefulness of lexical spreadsheets for Arabic, German and Chinese. John holds the following qualifications; Cert. TEFLA, BA (Hons) English, RSA Dip TEFLA, Diploma in Education (Australia), MEd (Hons) (Australia), PhD (Manchester). He is a registered Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Outside work John’s interests include language learning, astrophotography and running.



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Web-based resources

Morley, J. (2004) Academic Phrasebank: (An online resource for academic writers) (as from 12/06).

Academic English Teaching Team

Sara Ahsan - Senior Language Tutor (English)

Sara has worked full time at the University of Manchester Language Centre  since 2009. She has been teaching since 1989 in a secondary school as a teacher of Modern Foreign Languages and then ESOL in Further Eduction. Sara has also taught English abroad in Spain and Bangladesh with the British Council. She has been an IELTS examiner since 2003.

Maureen Finn - Senior Language Tutor (English)

Maureen Finn teaches on the ULC general language courses and on both insessional and pre-sessional Academic English courses. She is particularly interested in EAP for biomedical and health sciences, and her current PhD research focuses on the expression of criticality in scientific writing. Outside work, she enjoys swimming, gardening and cooking.

Ruth Fordham - Senior Co-ordinator (Pre-sessional Programmes)

Ruth taught in Spain, Egypt and Venezuela before coming to the University Language Centre. She has a Master’s Degree in TESOL from the University of Manchester and a RSA Diploma in TESOL. She teaches across many of our courses and has co-ordinated a number of them including the 3 week Pre-sessional (PS3), Introduction to TESOL and the Teacher's Refresher Course. Her particular interests are in researching students’ progress and its impact on course design and language teacher development.

Howard Goodison - Senior Co-ordinator (Pre-University Programmes)

Howard has been working at the University for over 20 years. He has taught on and co-ordinated many of the courses run by the University Language Centre. He has an MPhil based on research into improving the writing of PhD students in Sciences and Engineering. A paper from the MPhil was published in a special edition of the British Journal of Engineering Education based on the ten best papers of 2003. Howard is also a Principal Examiner for two of the mainsuite Cambridge exams (C1 level) and a question writer for IELTS, CAE and BEC.

Dr Sheena Kalayil - Senior Language Tutor (English)

Sheena teaches English, lectures on academic writing and delivers the module 'Language and identity in multicultural spaces' on the MA in Intercultural Communication. She has a Master’s in Education and Applied Linguistics from the Open University, and a PhD in Linguistics from Lancaster University. Her thesis explored narratives of second-generation South Asian Britons and their relationship with their Heritage Language and culture. Originally from India, she was an international student here in the UK as an undergraduate, during which time she began her longstanding relationship with BBC Radio 4. She has an affinity for the Portuguese language, Mahler and a love for the continent of Africa, where she spent most of her childhood. Other passions include yoga, running, and writing: she is a published author. 

Alison Luke - Senior Language Tutor (English)

Alison has a degree in Linguistics/English Studies from Nottingham University and Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. She has a particular interest in teacher training and strategies for improving spoken English and presentation skills. Outside work she sings in a barbershop chorus and enjoys cooking and walking.

Claire Lynas - Senior Language Tutor (English)

Claire is a long-standing member of the University Language Centre and has coordinated and taught extensively on ULC courses. She has worked at universities and colleges in South-east Asia and Europe and has been an IELTS examiner, examiner trainer and administrator. She particularly enjoys teaching and supporting students’ writing. Claire holds degrees in languages, translation and interpreting, and management. Her spare time activities include DIY, swimming and yoga.

Paul Makin - Language Tutor (English)

Paul teaches General and Academic English, and IELTS Exam Preparation classes. He also has a degree in Fine Art, lectures on art and is a committed artist.

Rob Marks - Senior Co-ordinator (Insessional Programmes)

Rob's first degree was in Environmental Biology.  He has been with the ULC for over 10 years and completed his MA TESOL at the University of Manchester in 2014.  He is now Senior Co-ordinator for the Language Centre's in-sessional courses, and teaches on a number of programmes helping current students with academic English.  He has also taught and co-ordinated the summer Pre-sessional courses. He has conducted research into a number of the in-sessional programmes and presented some of his findings at a BALEAP (British Association of Lecturers in English for Academic Purposes) conference in 2016.  

Neil McGregor - Language Tutor (English)

Neil has a BSc in Computer Science and an MA in Applied Linguistics. He is a relative newcomer to the ULC having started work here in 2013. Before coming to the University, he worked in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Libya and China as teacher, lecturer, and quality assurance and process manager.

Sally Morris - Senior Language Tutor (English)

Sally has been teaching English since 1987. She has worked in many countries including: Singapore, Italy, Spain and Bulgaria. Sally taught for many years with the British Council, often involved in Teacher Development. More recently here in the UK, she was involved for a while in ESOL and taught on Presessional courses at a number of Universities. She has been working as an English language tutor in the University Language Centre since 2003.

Simon Raw - Senior Language Tutor (English)

Simon teaches on a number of different courses including Pre-sessional, In-sessional, General English and IELTS preparation. Simon has also co-ordinated the Pre-sessional 10-week course, the Trinity CertTESOL and Introduction to TESOL courses, as well as the Foundation Year course [Academic Skills]. Simon holds a BSc in Geology, an MA TESOL (from the University of Manchester) and a RSA Diploma in TESOL. Simon's main interests are teacher education and teacher training. Simon has worked and travelled extensively in South America and has reasonable language skills in both Spanish and Portuguese. Outside work, Simon enjoys most sports including football, running and tennis. He is also a rock music fan and is trying to learn the electric guitar.

Kamil Stobiecki - Language Tutor (English)

Kamil has been working for the ULC since 2011. During this time he has taught and developed materials for a variety of Insessional, Pre-sessional and programme-specific courses offered by the Language Centre. He has a BA in TEFL and Sociolinguistics (dual degree), an MA in Translation Studies, a Cambridge DELTA (EAP specialism), and is currently working towards becoming an accredited BALEAP fellow. Kamil’s professional interests include linguistics, translation and EAP. Outside work he enjoys spending time with friends, listening to good music, travelling and supporting his favourite football team, which is neither the city nor the united.

Foreign Language Teaching Team

Mayte Alvarez-Madrigal - Language Tutor (Spanish)

Mayte teaches on the University's institution-wide language courses in Spanish. She has taught in the Centre since 2001. She holds a degree in History and Geography and a Masters degree in Language Teaching in University of Manchester. She has a particular interest in creating materials and she has written a textbook called "On Course Spanish" which has been used by the students at the University of Manchester. In her spare time she loves playing tennis and running.

Sheraz Ali - Language Tutor (Urdu)

Sheraz Ali is an Urdu Language Tutor at the University of Manchester. He received his PGCE MFL (S) Urdu/Spanish degree from Edge Hill University. He also holds an MA Urdu degree from The Islamia University of Bahawalpur Pakistan. He has published articles in UK and abroad on the future of Urdu as a modern language in the UK. He also has been part of Routes into Languages and FILTA, with whom he delivered Urdu CPD sessions for Urdu teachers. He has a keen interest in digital Urdu teaching and learning and has developed a verity of digital Urdu teaching and learning content. He wrote his first Urdu Reading and Writing book which was received very well by students and teachers alike. Outside work his interests include badminton, listening to the music, reading and visiting heritage places.

Ikram Alchane - Language Tutor (Arabic)

Ikram teaches Arabic on the University’s institution-wide language courses. Originally from Morocco, Ikram holds a degree in Hebrew & Jewish Studies and a Masters degree in Language Education as well as a PGCE in MFL. She has a particular interest in Semitic languages and Arabic poetry. Outside work her interests include travelling, cooking and amateur photography.

Tuggen Collard - Language Tutor (Turkish)

Tuğgen teaches on the University’s institution-wide language courses in Turkish. Originally from Turkey, Tuğgen holds a joint degree in English Language and Literature and English Language Teaching. She has a particular interest in translation and interpreting studies and is an avid linguist who enjoys lengthy discussions around grammar rules in a variety of languages immensely. Outside work her interests include travelling, walking, folk dancing and jigsaw puzzles.

Justyna Drobnik-Rogers - Language Tutor (Polish)

Justyna has been with the Language Centre since 2006. She holds a degree in Polish Language and Literature (Poznań) and a PhD in Polish and Drama Studies (Manchester). Outside teaching, she has recently worked on some theatre-related translations. In her spare time she loves walking and cooking plant-based food. 

Mercè Enjuanes - Language Tutor (Spanish)

Mercè teaches on the University’s institution-wide language courses in Spanish. Originally from Barcelona, Mercè holds a degree in Politics and Contemporary History, a Masters degree in International Business and another Masters in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. She has a particular interest in languages and cultures and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Outside work her interests include travelling and walking.

Laëtitia Debboub - Language Tutor (French)

Laëtitia teaches French and Medical French on the LEAP Language Programmes in the Language Centre. She holds a Masters degree in teaching French as a Foreign Language from La Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris, and she also holds a BA in English. Her interest lies in LSP (Languages for Specific Purposes) and she is the author of a Medical French textbook called Soigner en français (ISBN : 978-2-84371-804-5, Estem-Vuibert, 2016). She also works for the CCIP (Paris Chamber of Commerce), as a teacher trainer and exam writer. She trains French teachers who wish to specialise in teaching French for Specific Purposes and she writes the DFP (French Professional Diploma) papers in two different specialities- Medical French and French for Business. Outside work, she has many interests including singing, walking and running.

Dorit Fellner - Senior Language Tutor (German/Dutch)

Dorit has been teaching German on the institution-wide course programme since 2009. She has a Master's degree in German, English and Scandinavian philology from the University of Vienna and used to teach at schools both in Austria and England. She has a particular interest in communicative teaching, including games to enhance learning. Outside work her interests include dogs and dog-sledding, music, and keeping fit.

Gaëlle Flower - Senior Language Tutor (French)

Originally from Nantes, Gaëlle holds a Licence (B.A.) in English from the University of Poitiers, a Master’s in Teaching French as a Foreign Language from the University of Grenoble, and gained her Qualified Teacher Status from the Centre for Information on Language Teaching and Research in London. Gaëlle has experience in the Secondary and Further Education sectors in Canada, Hungary and England. Her interests lie in teaching specialised French (business, tourism and medical) and enhancing the employability of French-speaking students. She is also interested in translation, having worked on various projects funded by the European Union, including the translation of a book for a visual arts organisation Fabrica, based in Brighton.  Outside work her interests include swimming and long-distance running.  Conference papers:  "Enhancing the employability of French-speaking students", Innovative Language Teaching and Learning at University: Enhancing the Learning Experience through Student Engagement (University of Manchester, 2013).

Melanie Foedisch - Language Tutor (German)

Originally from Hamburg in Northern Germany, Melanie teaches on the German courses in the University Language Centre and on the University’s MA programme in Translation and Interpreting. She is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and is particularly interested in applying technologies in her teaching. Melanie holds a BA in German language and literature, an MA in Translation and Interpreting Studies and a PhD in Translation and Intercultural Studies.

Chikako Howarth - Language Tutor (Japanese)

Chikako teaches on the University's institution-wide language courses in Japanese. She holds a degree in Education and her specialised subject is Japanese. She has a wide range of experience in teaching: from primary school pupils to adults. She is creative in adapting the delivery method in her courses to suit the individuals studying that course. Outside of work her interests are doing crafts, cooking, and general creative activities.

Motoi Kitamura - Language Tutor (Japanese)

Motoi has both his undergraduate and Master's degree from the University of Niigata, Japan and a PGCE from the University of Central Lancashire. He prides himself in using as little English as possible in his lessons and always being rated well on his teaching in the end of year students' questionnaire! Outside of work he loves trees, wildlife and skiing.

Elizabeth Lopez - Language Tutor (French)

With studies in Languages, Literature and Foreign Civilisations (Masters Degree), Elizabeth started teaching for the Language Centre in 2001 and was nominated in the 2013 Manchester Teaching Award organised by the Students’ Union for Best Humanities Lecturer. She has taught and developed French Business Courses and French General Courses.

Amani Lowey - Language Tutor (French)

Amani has been teaching French at the University’s language centre for 9 years. A French National, she holds a PGCE in Modern Languages from the University of Bristol, an MA in Anglophone Studies from Bordeaux Michel-de-Montaigne University, an MSc in Translation & Intercultural Studies from UMIST and a PhD in Humanities from the University of Manchester. Previous to her current teaching responsibilities with LEAP, Amani taught French and English in various settings in France and the UK, from private boarding schools to grammar schools, tertiary colleges and inner city comprehensive schools, and is committed to raising the profile of language learning by intervening in local schools. As a researcher, she is particularly interested in the role of citizen media in conflict situations. In her spare time, her interests include politics and independent cinema.

Ana Niño - Senior Language Tutor (Spanish/Portuguese)

Ana is the Spanish and Portuguese Language Programmes Coordinator at the University Language Centre where she also teaches general Spanish, Medical Spanish and translation. Ana did her BA and MA (Specialized Translation) at the University of Valladolid, Spain. She holds an MSc in Machine Translation from UMIST and at the University of Manchester she completed a PhD on the connection between translation, Free Online Machine Translation, Computer Aided Translation, Computer Assisted Language Learning and language teaching/learning. Ana researches and publishes in the fields of technology-enhanced language learning, innovative use of educational tools and its evaluation in language teaching, and the integration of technology for blended/distance learning. Ana was nominated Most Inspiring Lecturer at the STAR Manchester Student Union Teaching Awards 2017. In her spare time she enjoys sketching, painting and trekking. 

Mozhgan Samadi - Language Tutor (Persian)

Mozhgan is a PhD student in Russian Studies. She holds a BA degree in Russian language and translation and an MA in Creative Writing from Moscow Gorky Institute of Literature. Originally from Iran, she has a particular interest in Persian language and literature. Her free-time activities include film watching and literary translation. 

Elena Simms - Language Tutor (Russian)

Elena is a Russian language tutor and teaches on the University-wide Language Programme and Russian Studies courses. I have a PhD degree in Methodology of Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language from the Pushkin Russian Language Institute in Moscow. I am particularly interested in Russian culture which I am determined to encourage with my students.  My interests outside work include folk dancing, ceramic painting, hill walking and keeping fit.

Dr Sandra Torres - Senior Language Tutor (Non-Latin Script Languages)

Sandra teaches general and medical Spanish and co-ordinates the non-Latin Script languages team. She comes from Colombia and has worked as a language teacher for over 20 years. Sandra holds a degree in Philology and Languages, an MA in Applied Linguistics in TEFL, another MA in Translation Studies and a PhD in Language Education from The University of Manchester. Her interests lie in the use of technology in language teaching and autonomous learning. She enjoys foreign films, playing tennis and travelling.

Annemarie van Veldhuizen - Language Tutor (Dutch)

Annemarie teaches the Dutch language courses at beginner and intermediate level. She's originally from the Netherlands where she passed her teaching degree. She's been an EFL teacher for many years in both the Netherlands and the UK and is passionate about teaching foreign languages to others. Annemarie enjoys running, travelling and spending time with her family outside work.

Birgit Winnington - Language Tutor (German)

Birgit is from Bielefeld and teaches German at the University Language Centre. She teaches in industry and colleges and has taught at the European Commission in Brussels. Birgit has also presented the language and culture at the British German Chamber of Commerce. Her motto: 'Learning a language should be fun! An understanding of language and culture is a real advantage in the business world.'

Professional Services Team

Sandra Aksenaviciute - IELTS Centre Manager

Sandra has been the IELTS Test Centre Manager since 2014 and has had previous experience working in higher education. As an IELTS Test Centre Manager she oversees the day-to-day running of the test centre, which is one of the largest and busiest in the UK. Sandra takes pride working for the University and also being the ambassador for the Test Partner; The British Council. Sandra is a creative writer and publishes her short stories on her own blog, and she is an explorer who enjoys travelling and learning new things. 

Omar Ali - Programme Support Officer (Academic Support Progs)

Omar has worked at the University since 2011, beginning as a temp in the IELTS office. He is the Programme Support Officer for the ULC’s university-wide Academic Support Programme, helping international students and staff with English support during their time at the University. He holds a BA in English Literature and also works in a secondary capacity for the University as a Pastoral Advisor in halls of residence. In his spare time he enjoys reading, debating, gigs and festivals. 

Amber Beswick - Programme Support Officer (Pre-sessional Courses)

Amber is a former student at the University who graduated in July 2018 with a Bachelors degree in French and Spanish. On her year abroad, she participated in the ERASMUS program and studied at a partner university in Rennes, France, before working at an Accountants Office in Marbella, Spain. As the Programme Support Officer for the Pre-sessional Course, Amber deals with the administration of the course which includes room bookings, co-ordination of the printing and distribution of course books, class documents and is the main contact for temporary summer tutors. In her spare time, Amber enjoys travelling, nature walks and listening to reggaeton music!

Jane Cockrem - Student Welfare Officer

As Student Welfare Officer, Jane has worked at the University Language Centre since 1995. Her role includes the provision of student welfare, accommodation and social programme to students embarking on full-time English language courses. Outside of work, Jane works voluntarily helping people with disabilties to find full-time employment, helping with the elderly suffering from dementia or Alzhemiers, as well as working with Guide Dogs for the Blind and Partially-sighted.  In her spare time Jane enjoys travelling in the UK, walking, gardening, furniture restoration and cookery. 

Angie Farrand - ULC Resources Co-ordinator

Angie has been Resources Co-ordinator in the University Language Centre since 2000, responsible for the Centre's open learning area, which includes the library and multimedia spaces. She's a Humanities graduate, and prior to her career in FE/HE she worked for the Civil Service. Outside of work she enjoys gardening, cycling, furniture restoration, creative writing and world cinema. She's also been trying to learn to play guitar for what seems like an eternity.

Michelle Fenlon - ULC Administrative Officer & PA to the Director

Michelle joined the university in 1999 and has been in her current role as ULC Administrative Officer since 2010. Michelle is the PA to the Director of the Language Centre and also supports the Director for University-wide Language Programmes and the Centre Manager. Some of her responsibilities include Human Resources, dealing with estates maintanence, resources, ULC room bookings and some finance. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her family.

Cynthia Fernandes - Student Fees Officer

Cynthia has worked at the ULC since 2017. She started as a temp and then became a permanent staff in December 2017. She holds a Bachelors degree in Financial Accounting and Auditing.  She also holds an additional qualification in CFA (Certificate in Financial Accounting).  She has worked abroad and in the UK for Retail, Pharmaceutical and Investment Companies.  At ULC she works as a Student Fee Officer and her main role includes process course fees for Pre-sessional/English and Leap language courses, request payment from sponsors and calculate commission payments for agents, whilst maintaining accurate records for the management accounts.

In her spare time, she enjoys painting and sketch art, music, cooking and spending time with her family. 

Sonia Ferreira - IELTS Officer

Sonia has worked as an IELTS officer since 2014. Her role includes responding to routine enquiries, processing applications for IELTS tests, confirming test dates, times and venues for candidates. Prior to her current role, she has worked at the University of Manchester School of Dentistry and the Occupational Health services. Sonia has a BSc degree in Biomedical Science and MSc in Medical Microbiology. In her spare time, Sonia enjoys cooking, reading and walking.

Shahina Islam - Senior Admissions Officer

Shahina has worked at the University since 2009, formerly at the Student Services Centre and AMBS. She works as part of the Admissions Team processing applications for English language courses and overseeing the daily running of the admissions office. Outside of work Shahina runs her Bengali Bites Supper Club and enjoys reading, travelling and keeping fit.

Rachael Jordan - Recruitment and Admissions Manager

Rachael joined the University Language Centre in 2014. Prior to that she was part of the Postgraduate Admissions team at Alliance Manchester Business School for 9 years. Rachael oversees the recruitment and admissions of students to the programmes at the University Language Centre, working closely with the Centre Director and Admissions colleagues throughout the University. She is responsible for all marketing at the centre. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, listening to music and spending time with her family. 

Andres Lozoya - Senior Administrator (LEAP)

After completing a degree in Environmental Science, Andrés started  work at the university in 1998, initially at the School of Nursing in various roles including admissions, and began work at the ULC in late 2001. He is responsible for admissions of students/staff to LEAP language courses and every aspect of the students’ academic life once the courses are up and running. This involves establishing and maintaining relationships with a wide range of colleagues across the university and keeping up to speed with a constantly changing set of rules and systems. Outside work he enjoys hiking, riding his bike and absurdly enough tries to keep mentally sane by putting on a pair of trainers and going jogging.  

Karan O'Hagan - Programme Support Officer (English Language)

Karan has worked at ULC since 2011. Prior to this she worked as an administrator in the Department of Radiology, Faculty of Medicine.  One of her main duties at ULC is dealing with the recruitment of the summer Pre-sessional tutors. Karan is a History graduate (OU) and outside of work she enjoys yoga, music, gardening and spending time with family. 

Abdul Pathan - Multimedia Technician

Abdul Pathan has worked at the University of Manchester for 25 years.  He is based in the Language Centre and is part of the Martin Harris Ccetre support team.  His duties include providing a range of satellite foreign TV channels via TVoIP, recording lecture presentations and editing video.  He has previously worked with the AV and TV industry.  He also speaks five languages.

Janet Platt - Admissions Officer

Janet has worked at the ULC since 2010 starting as a temp in June and becoming a permanent member of staff in September. She works as part of the admissions team dealing with students on a daily basis from applications to helping them during their studies. Her prior education is the University of Life. Outside of work she enjoys travelling with her husband in their camper van, she also enjoys the odd adventure or two.

Ghada Soliman - IELTS Officer

Ghada has worked at the Language Centre since 2016 as an IELTS Officer. Her main duties include organising the pre-and post-test documentation, liaising with examiners/invigilators/markers and overseeing test days as required. Prior to her current role, Ghada has worked as a teaching assistant at Alliance Manchester Business School. Outside of work, she enjoys cooking, reading and cycling.