Multilingual word processing

Multilingual word processing is possible in all standard PC clusters.

Typing special characters in languages other than English

You can type accented characters for many Western European (and other) languages in any Windows program by holding down the ALT key and typing a four-digit character code. If you are using Microsoft Word, you can also type accented characters using a special set of keyboard shortcuts which are quite easy to remember. Both methods are detailed in the following PDF document:

The above method and character codes do not include many accented characters used in Central European languages (such as Polish) and Eastern European languages (such as Turkish). A slightly different method with additional character codes for inputting characters in Polish and Turkish is given in the following PDF document:

Keyboard layouts

The layouts and keys of keyboards are different depending on the country you are in and the language that is spoken there. This means that keyboards can vary.

Special keyboards

Keyboards for Arabic, German, Hebrew, Russian and Turkish are available for loan as reference items from ULC Reception.

  • Remember: It is still necessary to set the input language.