English for visiting and exchange students

These courses are only open to non-native speakers who come to the University as visiting or exchange students or on an ERASMUS programme (i.e., they are not open to international students enrolled on a full-time degree programme).

Applicants must have the IELTS proficiency level stated in the 'pre-requisite' section of the course description (or equivalent) in order to enrol. 

It is essential that you read the frequently asked questions page for Erasmus/international students, as well as the instructions on the back of the application form.

  • Find out how to apply

If you do not have proof of the language proficiency required, you will be asked to take an online proficiency test. The details of the test can be found here.

Note that you cannot:

  • Apply for courses at level IELTS 6.0 and 7.0/7.5 at the same time - see the FAQs for an explanation of this.
  • Apply for both ULEN20001 and ULEN20002
  • Apply for both ULEN10041 and ULEN20051
  • Apply for both ULEN10042 and ULEN20052

Also note that these are the only English language courses offered by LEAP. For information on other English language courses (but not exclusively for international students) visit the English language programmes page.

LEAP - English courses


Courses at IELTS 6.0/6.5 level or equivalent (less than 75% in the online test)

Courses at IELTS 7.0 level or equivalent (more than 75% in the online test)

Courses at IELTS 7.5 level or equivalent (more than 80% in the online test)